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Technique focused programming to help you PROGRESS and RX more workouts  

For individuals and affiliates

Why choose Confident and Fit ?


Our programs prioritise technique and skill development so time can be saved and new PB's can be achieved.


With expert coaching, movements like pull ups, toes to bar, handstands and many more are taught from the ground up with easy to follow progressions.


Each week is designed to progress you from the last, so that you are learning new skills and developing on a consistent basis.


We are here to help, message us anytime with any questions or queries and we will get back to you.


Movements like the clean and jerk, and snatch, are broken down and simplified, making it easy to improve on technique and hit new PB's.


Alternative movement options available for those unable to do the prescribed movement (RX). These alternatives are progressions to the RX movement.


Our Main Programs

Scaled Program 

Created for beginners who wants to become confident at both gymnastics and weightlifting.

$69/Month NZD

Affiliate Program 

Created for affiliates who want to develop their members and want to offer more than just a daily wod.

$99/Month NZD
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